Data Collection Services

Data Blending

Data required for big data analytics, training machine learning systems and such data intensive tasks require collecting data from disparate sources, blending and cleaning them. Our analysts are trained on multiple tools and techniques to effectively produce high quality datasets.

Content Curation

If you can’t afford to spend a lot of time searching for valuable content amongst irrelevant data, our team of dedicated analysts can help identify and curate the most relevant content on a specific subject. Articles, blog posts, comments, reviews, profiles, videos, audio, photos, tweets – our data analysts become domain experts and truly understand what’s important to your content curation efforts making it an efficient way to gather and curate relevant material.

Data Labelling Services

Content Categorization

Your APPORYA’s data analysts will create and implement an effective and accurate solution for content categorization. We will identify and categorize content to your standard or custom taxonomy, tagging it under an appropriate identifiers such as dates, entity mentions, events, topics, images with logos.

Image Labelling

The tagging and labelling of images for ecommerce and online providers is an increasingly daunting task with meaningful search optimized stock photo libraries critical to online success. We help reduce this burden by assigning a set of affordable data analysts who, with high speed and accuracy, will tag images in your image library with meaningful and discoverable keywords that will increase organic traffic, and require little to no moderation on your part.

Data Analysis Services

Data Extraction

No matter what data your organization needs extracted, our data analysts can extract and deliver requisite information with a short turnaround time. Our process involves analyzing, extracting, and consolidating all relevant and unstructured data from primary and secondary web sources including PDF files, online news and websites into a single file for your data analysis projects.

Sentiment Analysis

Train your machine learning algorithms with data sets derived from real humans analyzing human sentiment. From customer reviews to tweets, brand affinity to emoticons – our team doesn’t miss anything written in between the lines.

Data Training & Machine Learning Services

Algorithm Testing & Tuning

By leveraging APPORYA’s managed workforce and technology you can process hundreds of thousands of data enquiries and tasks in a scalable and affordable way. This is the best way to train and improve your algorithm, at cost-effective pricing.

Virtual Assistant Training

Use our data analysts to train your virtual assistant machines learning algorithms with accurate datasets of relevant questions and answers to your industry. Customized rules, algorithms and filters created by your dedicated APPORYA analysts will ensure a brilliant customer experience.

Search Relevance

In addition to training web spiders to crawl relevant pages, our team helps filter search results to show only the most relevant ones. Instead of using generic key terms that result in a lot of noise, the APPORYA team will build complex boolean strings to ensure that what you need to see is only returned as relevant search results.

Data Crawling

As long as websites remain unstructured, spiders are to be taught by humans to bring better search results and thereby save the time and effort. Our team helps private spiders get familiarized with the regex patterns of web pages and process only the relevant pages of the websites they crawl.

Data Enrichment Services

Data Record Cleaning

Utilising a number of in-house tools and technologies, we can enrich your data to ensure that every bit of information in your records is being utilised effectively. From the updating of contact information, through to removal of invalid records and grammar corrections – our team of data analysts can enrich your data and remove any unyielding information.